Unlocking the Future on National Technology Day; Insights from the Industry Leaders

Ennoventure Inc Mr. Karan Rai, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ennoventure, Inc: “In 2024, the synergy of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and digital security continues to transform our society and various industries. As we celebrate National Technology Day under this year's theme ‘School to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,' we reflect on the substantial progress […]

Ennoventure Inc

Mr. Karan Rai, Chief Product and Technology Officer, Ennoventure, Inc: “In 2024, the synergy of artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and digital security continues to transform our society and various industries. As we celebrate National Technology Day under this year's theme ‘School to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,' we reflect on the substantial progress made in utilizing technology to tackle global challenges, particularly in enhancing the security of global supply chains.

This year, we recognize the essential role of innovative technologies in fighting counterfeiting, an issue that affects sectors ranging from FMCG to automotive parts and agrochemicals. Our focus is on creating solutions that not only protect products but also build a culture of trust and authenticity across industries. These advancements are crucial in establishing a safe and dependable market environment for consumers worldwide. By integrating cutting-edge technologies and promoting collaborative efforts, we are laying the foundation for a future where technology and ethical practices merge to create a more secure and just world.

On this National Technology Day, let us commend the resilience and creativity that propel these efforts and inspire the next generation of innovators — from educational institutions to emerging startups.’’


Mr. Krishna Rangasayee, Founder and CEO, SiMa.ai: AI and machine learning are not just technologies; they are the architects of a new automated era, transforming everything from vehicles and robotics to healthcare and industrial automation. As the pace of innovation accelerates, so do the challenges it brings. India, with its rich reservoir of talent and innovative spirit, has made significant strides in advanced technology. Yet, we still face hurdles such as high power consumption, complex cooling mechanisms, and critical latency issues which are paramount in fields requiring rapid decision-making, like automotive, drones, and robotics.

This year's theme, ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,' mirrors our mission at SiMa.ai. We address real-world problems with our state-of-the-art AI technologies. Our efforts have culminated in the development of our ONE platform for all Edge AI to help companies as their AI/ML journey evolves, from computer vision, to transformers to multi-modal generative AI capabilities.

 On this National Technology Day, we are proud to be part of this vibrant and dynamic ecosystem. We are excited about the possibilities of AI and Machine Learning to revolutionize the industry and enhance the quality of our daily lives.”


Mr. Gaurav Singh, CEO, Vector: National Technology Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the relentless curiosity and innovation that drives progress. This year's theme, ‘From Schools to Startups: Igniting Young Minds to Innovate,' really resonates with me. At Vector, we see the spark of genius in young minds daily and are passionate about nurturing that potential.

 Innovation is what keeps us moving forward, and one of our strongest allies is artificial intelligence (AI) for IT operations (AIOPS). It's not just a fancy term; it's a powerful tool that can revolutionize how we manage complex IT systems. IT teams are often overwhelmed by the explosion of data from containers, microservices, and multi-cloud environments. This is where Vector steps in by harnessing the power of big data analytics and AIOPS; it sifts through mountains of log and performance data to provide a comprehensive view of assets and dependencies. Imagine being able to see everything happening in your systems, all in one place – that's the power of Vector Platform.

 National Technology Day is a day to look towards the future, and at Vector, we believe the future is bright. By fostering a culture of innovation and empowering young minds, we can create a world where technology solves problems and improves our lives. And that's something worth celebrating!”

 New Relic, India


Rohit Ramanand, Group Vice President, Engineering, - “From being an IT service stop to becoming a global hub for technological innovation, India has witnessed many milestones in its journey so far. What began as a cost arbitrage for technology companies in the late 1990s, has now become a key source of high-quality talent and cutting-edge innovation. The Indian government’s Startup India and ‘Make AI in India’ initiatives are unlocking the adoption of emerging technologies in the country. With such a massive impetus to thrive, India is an attractive technology market for businesses across the world and also a major incubator of AI startups.

 Global corporations have set up over 1,500 GCCs in India. As India’s technology sector grows, its share of transformational and expertise-based services will spearhead the Indian IT sector towards greater growth. This National Technology Day, New Relic shares in the spirit of ‘igniting young minds to innovate’ with its plans to expand its workforce in India, which will be at the forefront of AI innovation.

 As a pioneer and leader in the observability market, we believe in empowering early-stage startups and engineering teams across the world. Launched in 2021, New Relic for Startups aims to give every engineer at startups the tools to deliver software with confidence without compromising vendor choices due to cost or engineering constraints. This program has rapidly grown to include hundreds of early-stage startups across every industry, from finance and media to gaming and retail.”-


 Raj K Gopalakrishnan, CEO,  - “In the 1990s India’s IT and ITeS sectors were valued at $100 million. Thirty-four years down the line, India’s tech industry is a $254 billion market, with the spirit of innovation and scientific progress driving the ecosystem. From the Y2K moment to artificial intelligence becoming a part of daily work lives, India’s made significant strides in technological advancement. The country’s engineering prowess is widely acknowledged the world over, with homegrown brands being at the forefront of India’s success story.

 This National Technology Day, it is important to understand how Indian startups are at the forefront of innovation, with many of them creating innovative technologies that were once considered impossible. As an Indian startup, KOGO’s goals align with the National Technology Day theme for 2024 — from schools to startups: igniting young minds to innovate. KOGO is among the very few Indian startups that’s leading innovation in emerging technologies in the market. With a team of ambitious engineers, KOGO’s AI innovations are disrupting the AI sphere with its AI OS that can perform real-world actions. We see immense innovation brewing within India’s tech sector and we’re glad that KOGO is a part of an industry that has massive growth in its future.”



Kapil Mehta, Sr. Director, Technology Solutions, - “The impact of AI is quietly reshaping lives in India. Over 74% of Indian enterprises are already working with AI. A recent report released by NetApp, states that India is among the leading countries for AI innovation. In addition to providing unique opportunities, India provides a perfect “playground” for enterprises and institutions globally to develop scalable solutions.

 The adoption of AI across the retail, banking and healthcare sectors is expected to result in annual cost savings of $11 billion, up from a projected $6 billion in 2018. With AI integration across sectors, aspects such as customer experience, data security and data analytics are set to improve in the coming years. This widespread integration sets a robust foundation for further advancements and sector-specific innovations.

 In the retail sector, AI-enhanced engines analyze customer data to provide personalized products or services thereby boosting sales and satisfaction among customers. The market for artificial intelligence in retail is expected to reach  $51.94 billion by 2028 from $4.84 billion in 2021. In the banking domain, fraudulent activities can be reduced through real-time analysis of transaction patterns using AI-enabled systems, which also safeguards the financial assets belonging to clients. Healthcare providers can accurately diagnose diseases and plan for treatment methods that are specific to each patient by using AI-powered diagnostic tools that analyze medical images, patient data, and genetic information.

 On this National Technology Day and beyond, we are committed to expanding the use of AI in India and helping businesses across industries leverage this cutting-edge technology to achieve their goals. Through our expertise and experience across the sectors we service, Visionet is looking forward to driving impactful change in India’s rapidly changing digital landscape with AI, thus driving startups and large businesses alike in their quest to lead with innovation.


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